NIRI Southwest Regional Conference 2019


Wednesday, August 21 to Friday, August 23, 2019

IR teams are amateur sleuths when it comes to tracking elusive financial data and finding clues to craft the perfect messaging. Sherlock was known for his proficiency and observational skills. Sound familiar? IR professionals must integrate finance, strategic communications and securities law compliance, and all accomplished while juggling tight deadlines.

We invite you to join us in Austin for the NIRI Annual Southwest Regional Conference where we will spend two days collaborating with IROs in your area, sharing best practices, being inspired by Thought Leaders throughout the US and re-invigorating your IR efforts and IR program planning for 2020.

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Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson

Randy Sumner

Randy Sumner

Matt Juneau

Matt Juneau

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Panel: Social Media Eats the News, Sponsored by WPNT Communications

Thursday, August 22

How to tell the truth, battle back against falsehoods and protect yourself and your company online. Panel will be moderated by WPNT’s Ray Thompson.

Join Rhonda Barnat from Abernathy MacGregor, and Jennifer Murphy from Galore Consulting at the NIRI Southwest Conference this August. As companies navigate the online news world, it becomes increasingly important to manage an online presence and protect companies from potential negative online exposure. Rhonda and Jennifer will discuss all the ways social media interests with public company news.


Stay at the brand new JW Marriott and experience some of Austin’s favorites within steps of the hotel.

JW Marriott Austin 110 E 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701, 512-474-4777

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IFB Booths by WPNT Communications

If you’re a CEO or CFO of a large or mid-cap company, chances are you’ll end up in a satellite media interview at some point on CNBC, Bloomberg or another network. The format can be daunting - staring into a television lens with an earpiece in your ear and a lavaliere microphone on your lapel - taking probing questions from a prominent news anchor miles away. There’s a right and a wrong way to do IFB satellite media interviews.

Stop by our booth at the conference and gain experience that can help you prepare your executives. We’ll show you how it works, conduct a simulated interview on your company and your topics, and give you some feedback and critique. And you can take home a video copy to share with friends and family. Try it!

Other Conference Speakers:

  • Steve Stepinoff, Conference Chairman

  • Gary Labranche, President & CEO, NIRI

  • Dan Romito, Global Head of Investor Analytics, NASDAQ

  • Ross Campbell, Director, Barrow, Hanley, Newhinney & Strauss, LLC

  • Jeff Hales, Chair, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

  • Castlen Kennedy, Apache Corporation

  • Peggy Jansen, Southwest Airlines

  • Bethany Andell, Savage Brands

  • Amy Lissauer, Managing Director, Evercore ISI

  • Jason Alexander, Managing Director, Okapi Partners

  • Kristin Graham, Communications Leader, Amazon Web Services

  • Rhonda Barnat, Managing Director, Abernathy MacGregor

  • David Heikkinen, CEO, Heikkinen Energy Advisors

  • Zach Gest, President, CFRA Research

  • Dave Mossberg, Founder & CEO, Three Part Advisors

  • Jennifer Gordon, Director of Investor Relations, Hess Corporation

  • Michael E. Anderson, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (retired), FBI

  • Larry Stuart, Managing Principal, Stuart PC

Conference Moderator:

  • Chris Hodges, Founder & CEO, Alpha IR Group