We help project teams communicate better with their critical stakeholders.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Training programs have helped companies use enhanced communication skills to:

  • Complete a new country entry involving meetings with host government officials, business partners, contractors, and vendors.
  • Manage complex or contentious projects involving landowners, regulators, special interest groups, and the media.
  • Progress an initiative that requires alignment among internal teams in diverse organizations or functions, senior management, mid-level managers, and individual contributors.
  • Comply with a regulatory or judicial ruling that might involve internal and external stakeholders.
  • Maintain or develop the license to operate and grow by building support and addressing impacts and opposition among employees, contractors, communities, special interest groups, peers, and regulatory and legislative officials.

On-camera role play helps focus the message and sensitize the messenger to stakeholder perspectives. Exercises are recorded, critiqued, and redone multiple times and may include private, face-to-face meetings with government officials, a town hall meeting with angry neighbors, an open house or poster session, a required public meeting, or site tours.