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Dimitri Schildmeijer

Partner and Senior Trainer

WPNT Communications, Brussels


+32 (0) 486 439063


Boost your EU affairs outreach

Communication skills matter when you speak out in Brussels. So no matter whether you work in an EU affairs office, a trade association, a country representation, a think-tank or a European NGO - your success depends on effective engagement.

We know that advocacy communications is a "contact sport", and that you only win when you are well trained.

WPNT offers three programmes that will make a difference in the EU communications arena.

1 - Presentation Skills

WPNT's Presentation Skills Training is for EU affairs people who speak at events, panels, luncheons, meetings and briefings. In the training you'll develop the right communication skills you need to engage audiences and advance your EU goals. 

The session is ideal for people who want to reduce the stress and be more effective presenters, and who need a better way to connect to audiences that are quickly distracted.

We'll work on the 'YOU' factor - and this means both your visual and vocal delivery, and we'll train you on how to handle questions confidently. We use on-camera coaching to capture your practice exercises and to give you immediate feedback. We can also show you how to use PowerPoint more dramatically, and more effectively.

We can also help you sound more natural and fluid if you need to use a teleprompter, present via phone or video conference, or read a verbatim speech.

2 - Media Training

Our Media Training will help you deliver your message to the EU media. The first question is always: what will success look like for you? This training is indispensable if you want to effectively engage with journalists, and ensure your message is delivered clearly. You will gain more control over the interview and, with our 'bridging techniques', have more opportunities to get your message across when you answer questions.

The lights and camera in the training room will give you the real-feel of a media interview, and help your improve quickly. In our training you will practise, practise and practise as your prepare for your next interview, in whatever format (online, newspaper, doorstep, podcast or webcast, corridor, studio TV/radio, phone interview or press conference).

3 - Messaging Workshop

The EU is a political arena where policy debates rely on well-presented, well-structured and well thought-out content. But do you have everything in order when it comes to your messaging? Is everyone on the same page? Do you have a clear position? Are your members or representatives on board? And does the message resonate well with EU audiences?

In our Messaging Workshop you'll work with our trainers to define or sharpen your EU message(s). You will also develop proof points, stories, anecdotes, examples, statistics and metaphors that will communicate and connect with both stakeholders and the media.

At the end of our workshop, you will have a 'Message House' that will make it easy to communicate consistently across your organization, and stay on-message every time you engage.