Ray Thompson

Long before I was selling these services I was a buyer, managing an extremely successful communications training curriculum within a Fortune 10 company that provided coaching globally to 300-400 executives each year. I know the trust and confidence required to put your most important leaders in the care of an outside consultant.  I know how enhanced communication skills can drive business results and be a source of competitive advantage. My corporate life also included senior roles in finance, regulatory affairs, operations, issues management, government relations, media relations, crisis response, and executive leadership.

Today I am one of the principal owners of WPNT Communications and have achieved Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-Hour Rule” of mastery in the field of on-camera executive speech coaching and communications training.

I believe great communicators are audience-centered. They work hard to understand and address the concerns and perspectives of the people who comprise their stakeholder ecosystem. I'm passionate about helping leaders communicate more effectively with the financial community, and am pleased to serve on the Board of Directors for the Houston Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI).

When I’m not training or traveling I love downhill skiing and mountain biking in the Tetons, catching and releasing Idaho cutthroat trout on the Snake River, and hunting for bull redfish in the shallow bay waters along the Texas coastline.

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