How we enhance your communication skills

We offer WPNT training participants access to our eLearning Center ahead of their program. Accompanying worksheets also help them prepare for their presentation.

The eLearning Center contains a series of instructional videos highlighting the principles of making an effective presentation.

  • The Strategic Communications Pyramid; identifying their Measure for Success and the elements of the audience's Net Impression
  • Conducting an Audience Analysis; to ensure they focus on their Audience priorities
  • The Importance of Your Opening Statement; to prepare an effective Opening Statement - and plan their presentation efficiently
  • Message Development; learning to make messages memorable

Each instructional video is voiced by a WPNT coach
  • The ‘You’ Factor; the visual, vocal and verbal ingredients that make up the presenter's unique YOU Factor
  • Improving How You Use Your Slides; to ensure the presenter is the focus of the presentation - NOT the slides
  • Closing and Handling Q&A; closing a presentation and managing the Q&A effectively in support of the presenter's business goal.