"Bad Things Can Happen to Good Companies"

In a full-day Crisis Communications Training exercise in Paris, France, a multinational food company had 41 of their global leaders practice managing a local security breach that resulted in a full-blown international crisis.  In addition to managing the crisis, participants also had to engage media and stakeholders in multiple role-playing workshops.  The training tested the response structure, social media response, and readiness to engage media and communities. When a crisis throws dozens of issues at you in a short time, it becomes extremely important to know what your company stands for.  Bad things can happen to good companies.  Our crisis exercise, run in partnership with the clients' global PR agency, helped anchor the good of the company while navigating a bad situation. 
Picture (Top):  David De Keersmaeker, Paul Schuchhard, Steven Covemaeker

Picture (Bottom):  Olivier Delacuvellerie, Neil Chapman, Marine Champon, Johan Ral, Bettina Hausmann, Ray Thompson, Geoff Paddock, Dimitri Schildmeijer