"Promote Your Brand Building Campaign"

When your success in retail depends on hundreds of outside distributors and wholesalers, how do you get them excited about your new brand building campaigns?  One Fortune 50 company will be hosting a 1,500-person conference in Las Vegas in 2017, and they've turned to WPNT Communications to help their keynote corporate speakers make the three-day event a success.  A session in November was concerned with helping the executive use a TelePrompTer.  The event will include more eye-popping production elements so it's important that speakers stay on time while hitting the right messages.  As most people know, it's not easy to make a script come alive on a big stage, especially if you didn't grow up in the entertainment industry!  Ray Thompson and Tricia Majors helped the company's top executives learn to "scoop" text off the TelePrompTer, improve eye contact, and insert stories for emphasis.  We'll return during dress rehearsals closer to the event after the video elements, slides, graphics and scripts are fixed.  

We love helping our clients prepare for events where our measure of success is plain to see.  Let us know if you'd like to receive two helpful resources:  WPNT's Going Big on the Big Stage and WPNT's TelePrompTer Tips.  Email us at houston@wpnt.com.