International Virtual Drill Support

A European client wanted to simulate a shipping accident off the coast of Africa, so, WPNT created stakeholder and media reaction across two continents.  Our STORM platform showed the client how early social media rumors and speculation feed mainstream media.  At the same time our team role played different stakeholders, such as official response organizations, government and politicians.  WPNT Associates also raised specific communications challenges that required decision-making and prioritizing. 

Next, they tested how well the international teams were coordinating between themselves.  And as the wider impact of the accident became clear, other challenges emerged, such as disrupted businesses asking for compensation, politicians demanding actions, volunteers offering help, and frightened communities voicing concern.

How the world reacts to an accident can create complexities that demand management attention beyond its usual scope.  Lastly, WPNT Associates made sure to educate our client in how this occurs. 

All-in-all, simulated phone calls, STORM and digital traffic generated by the virtual WPNT team, showed the broadness of crisis communications, which is now much more involved than writing press releases and fielding a few uncomfortable media interviews.