Competency Framework: High-Performance Delivers Results

Helping leaders become more effective communicators is about achieving better business outcomes.  Underpinning WPNT Communications’ approach to communications training is therefore focused on teaching skills that positively impact the outcome of any interaction with stakeholders important to the success of the enterprise.

High performance in communications delivers results.  It is also key in leadership development and preparing upcoming leaders for their future role.  Our Competency Framework brings a more strategic approach to communications skills development by identifying the communications skills needed to be a high performer in a current or future job. 

With over two decades of experience, WPNT has identified core competencies and behaviors that drive high performance in face-to-face communications, both with internal and external stakeholders.  

Increasingly, leaders must inform, inspire, and motivate stakeholders across multiple time zones in a virtual manner.  WPNT has identified additional core competencies and behaviors that drive high performance in virtual and remote communications. 

For a list of overall definitions of all core competencies, contact Jenn Broadwell.