Dimitri Schildmeijer

I joined WPNT in 2009. Today as a partner in the company, I train European and global clients in areas of IT, energy, pharma, finance, beverages and manufacturing. I also train members of EU Associations and European institutions.

Before WPNT, I worked eight years in the communications and public affairs department of a Fortune 10 multinational energy company. I was also a consultant in Brussels.

I firmly believe that communication is a contact sport. Engagement, dialogue and conversation win over sender-driven communications. That is why a company's hardware needs to come with soft skills. 

As a co-chair of the IGU Study Group on public acceptance, I do a lot of work on better understanding Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) and community protests around major projects. On this, I was the co-author of the 2015 IGU report on Public Acceptance and Communications

I am also a champion for online learning. In 2015 I launched vcoaching.net - WPNT's live + online 1on1 coaching offer. I'm convinced that communication skills learning can use videoconferencing tools to be direct and convenient.

I speak English, French, and Dutch.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.